Signatures for recreational marijuana petition sees surge in support

Signatures for recreational marijuana petition sees surge in support

Published on 7/18/18

Only a month ago Oklahomans said YES on State Question 788 which legalized medical marijuana in the state, but it wasn't long before regulators made some big changes to the amendment that many people saw as too much. One major upset for many was the banning of all smokable forms of cannabis. Advocates in the state are fighting that decision in a lawsuit while others have taken up support for State Question 796 which fully legalizes medical marijuana, and even 797 which legalizes recreational cannabis. While some regulators don't believe the initiatives will have time to be processed for this year, advocates are working hard and believe they can gather the remaining signatures needed before the deadline. 

The group needs 125,000 signatures for each petition by August 8. So far, Green the Vote has collected at least 93,875 votes of State Question 796 and 104,372 for State Question 797.

"We had our honeymoon period where we’re getting a lot of signatures and stuff and, then, it kind of slowed down but, then, last Tuesday, it has just been going crazy," Frasure said. "Even people who voted ‘no’ on 788 are coming out and signing our petition because it was the will of the people."

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