Canada's House Votes To Legalize Marijuana, Sending Bill To Senate

Canada's House Votes To Legalize Marijuana, Sending Bill To Senate

Published on 6/12/18

Canada's federal legalization of medical and recreational marijuana are both miles ahead of the United States' which is why it's not surprising to see major alcohol and tobacco companies from America making investments into Canada's budding industry. This week the Canadian House of Commons approved the Cannabis Act which would legalize up to 30 grams of cannabis for adults over the age of 18 and also let them grow up to four cannabis plants in their home. The bill is now on it's way to the Senate where it's expected to find heavy debate over the possible pros and cons of legalizing. Many lawmakers have already acknowledged that prohibition simply isn't doing what it was meant to do as it's often easier for minors to get access to cannabis than it is tobacco. Not only is the refusal to regulate the plant more harmful to youth the demand for cannabis still exists and instead means that black market sellers are profiting from the broken system without any oversite.

Canada's minister of justice sponsored the cannabis bill; the government announced its push for legalization last spring with an official news release that stated, "The current approach to cannabis does not work."

The proposed law would make it legal for anyone who's over 18 years old to possess marijuana, provided that it's less than 30 grams (just over an ounce). It also allows Canadians to grow up to four marijuana plants in their home.

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