Cannabis task force releases recreational marijuana recommendations

Cannabis task force releases recreational marijuana recommendations

Published on 3/14/18

Delaware lawmakers intend to continue down the road of legalizing recreational cannabis within the state and voters are very interested in exactly what that will look like. The Adult Use Cannabis Task Force has decided to amend the current legislation and this week they voted to release their legalization report to the public. The report is a detailed analysis of what and how the state will deal with regulating the new program and officials believe releasing the report will help convince some of the promise of the upcoming program. Last month the report didnt' receive enough votes to be released but this week it passed 13-12.

Keeley says she’s optimistic the report will convince more of her colleagues to support legalizing pot.

“One of the things that many members had asked is ‘How is this thing going to work, what’s it going to look like?’ And I think that a lot can be read by the General Assembly members in the report and they can look at the presentations and make up their mind.”

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