Why anti-marijuana group wants Michigan to legalize weed

Why anti-marijuana group wants Michigan to legalize weed

Published on 5/16/18

Recreational marijuana advocates in Michigan have reached enough signatures to put their marijuana legalization initiative on this November's voting ballot, however the legislature has a chance to change it and/or legalize it before voters have a say. A group that has been fighting in Michigan to stop the initiative from reaching voters, The Committee to Keep Pot out of Neighborhoods and Schools, has actually made a 180° switch on their efforts and are now supporting the legalization initiative, but only as long as the legislature decides to make some changes before legalizing. The group's primary concern are the differences the retail industry would have compared to the medical industry like amount of taxes on products, how the industry will be regulated and by who. If the legislature does not amend the initiative then the opposing group will resort back to their original stance and begin running against legalization once more. The decision by the leglislature will be made by June 5th.

“We think the medical marijuana act that the Legislature passed had bipartisan support,” he said. “And that has a system of accountability that you need to bring to recreational marijuana, too.”

One of the main differences between the medical marijuana regulations and the full legalization proposal is who would hand out licenses. Medical marijuana applications, which are being reviewed now, are approved by a board appointed by the governor and the leaders of the House and Senate.

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