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Luxembourg next to legalise recreational cannabis use

Legalization Posted Nov 26 2018

A wave of new countries and states have legalized recreational marijuana with the newest being Luxembourg as their Consumer Choice Center announced that this decision is part of their coalition manifesto for the next five years. Several nations around Europe have reputations for decriminalized cannabis or even just tolerating it, but this will mean that Luxembourg will actually be the first nation in the EU to fully legalize the plant. Unfortunately for visitors it seems that the sale of recreational cannabis will only be available for residents, closing out the opportunity for any tourist interest. Some advocates think closing off the market to tourists is a mistake that will help the black market stay alive.

"Luxembourg will become the first country in the EU to actually legalise cannabis, as the Czech Republic, Portugal, or the Netherlands either tolerate or decriminalise it," said Bill Wirtz, policy analyst at the CCC. "This sends a strong message to other countries in the EU. The ice is broken."

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