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Vermont group recommends taxing marijuana at a higher rate than Massachusetts

Legalization Posted Nov 15 2018

Vermont officially legalized the adult possession and use of cannabis early in 2018 and now legislators are trying to decide on the best way to regulate the sale of the plant. Governor Phil Scott is not a fan of the idea of recreational marijuana however his legislature is handling the transition from legalization to regulation regardless. The governor is expecting a report from the Marijuana Advisory Commission by December 15 with a detailed plan for the retail market, but lawmakers already have a good idea of how they'd like it to work. They've recommended a 26-27% tax on cannabis sales including the 6 sales tax and chosen to tax by price instead of weight. Edibles will be clearly labelled and sold in childproof containers as well as having limited THC content. As far as licenses go the first cultivation licenses will give Vermont residents priority however retailers, processors, transporters and testing will not have priority licenses.

The new report says Vermont should allow small marijuana growing operations to get a head start before bigger companies join the cultivation business. 

Vermont residents should get priority for cultivation licenses, the subcommittee decided. 

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