GOP Congressman Visits Marijuana Dispensary With Bus Full Of Senior Citizens

GOP Congressman Visits Marijuana Dispensary With Bus Full Of Senior Citizens

Published on 10/23/18

Whether it is a political move to help the tight election race against his Democratic competitor or a true move of interest and education is hard to tell, but the Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacker of California spent part of a day last week accompanying a bus load of senior citizens to a dispensary to shop and learn about potential products. Rep. Rohrabacher has been a key sponsor over the years in an helping stop the Justice Department from interfering with state legal medical marijuana programs and on his visit reassured the crowd that he believes marijuana laws should be left up to the states. He has continued to stand up for the freedom of compassion in those suffering and trying medication, some of the seniors on his visit were trying marijuana for the first time. Rohrabacher also confirmed that after speaking to officials at the White House the President Trump does intend on keeping his campaign promise of allowing states to legalize medical marijuana without federal interference.

But he might not be around on Capitol Hill next year to champion the measure’s extension if Democratic challenger Harley Rouda has his way. Several polls heading into next month’s election have shown the two running neck and neck.

But that didn’t stop the GOP incumbent from a trip to the local marijuana dispensary. Or perhaps the move was all part of the Rohrabacher campaign’s effort to remind voters of his cannabis accomplishments in Congress.

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