130,000 signatures needed to put medical marijuana on 2020 ballot

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Published on 2/6/19

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Polls in Nebraska are showing that citizens are in support of medical marijuana and state legislators have begun drafting both a bill and a ballot initiative that would end with the legalization of medical marijuana. If enough lawmakers support the bill including the governor then that could mean available medical cannabis to patients much faster, however if not then the next soonest option would be the ballot iniative. Once the ballot iniative gets approval from the Secretary of State's office, hopefully within the next week or two, then advocates will begin collecting signatures. If the initiative can gather over 130,000 signatures in time then Nebraska voters will have the chance to say YES to medical marijuana in their state in 2020.

Sen. Anna Wishart and Sen. Adam Morfeld are leading the charge. Whether lawmakers pass it or voters approve it, Wishart said Nebraskans want medical marijuana.

"I believe over 70 percent of Nebraskans support this issue," Wishart said. "We have pretty recent polling that shows that number."