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Legalize recreational marijuana in Iowa and tax it like alcohol, one senator says

Legalization Posted Feb 5 2019

A Democratic Senator in Iowa has proposed a recreational marijuana bill that would legalize the plant to be regulated and treated like beer and alcohol. Though some opposing lawmakers agree it's time to begin a dialogue, the Republican run Iowa legislature will likely have heavy opposition to full cannabis legalization. The state's medical marijuana program was passed in 2017 but is still having trouble expanding with Republicans at the helm. Advocates point to neighboring states who have legalized or their governor's plan to and say they would rather the jobs and tax revenue build in Iowa than have local citizens cross the border. Polls in Iowa show a 78% support for medical marijuana but a low of 39% in support for recreational marijuana. 

"There is an enormous amount of economic activity and job creation potential by regulating marijuana like we do alcohol," Bolkcom said. "And we can sit by and watch those new businesses and new jobs go to Rock Island and Moline, Illinois, or to Rochester, Minnesota, and have Iowans take their hard-earned money and go to those states."

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