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Medical Marijuana Program: California vs. Colorado

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 12 2011

California who has been trendsetter for the medical marijuana industry may have grown a little too fast for their own good. Now medical marijuana dispensaries are facing shut downs all over the state for 'non-compliance' issues. A major problem with California is the large number of dispensaries on every corner that do not follow the state rules. The state of California let their marijuana program blow up like college freshman on a pizza and beer bender; had they regulated this process most of the businesses would still be open today. The Attorney General stating that only business operating outside of their state laws would be put under the microscope. Because of the strictly regulated laws in Colorado's Medical Marijuana program they are likely in a much better spot than California when it comes to Federal enforcement. California, widely known as the 'Wild West of Marijuana' has been facing severe heat from the Department of Justice over the last couple of months. After declaring that marijuana dispensaries would not be a priority, the DEA has raided multiple businesses shutting down handfuls of dispensaries all over the state. Now, with the heat on California, everyone wants to know who is going to be next??

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