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The marijuana industry's newest customers are sick and elderly dogs

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 12 2015

If you've ever had a pet, then you understand the difficulty of seeing them age and slowly lose the innocent liveliness they always had. There are many drugs that help with pain in elderly dogs, but not many without side effects, until now. Canna-Pet is one of a few companies working to better the lives of dogs with joint pain, with just dog biscuits and pills. Neither include the chemical THC, which is the psychoactive molecule in marijuana, but they do both have doses of CBD, which is the molecule in marijuana known for it's healing and pain relieving properties.

Wendy Mansfield never consulted a professional before giving Kali those cookies. Her vet, however, was open-minded about the alternative treatment and asked Mansfield to periodically check in.
Mansfield also reduced the number of drugs Kali takes now. Instead of taking four pills, two of them narcotics, Kali now gets three to four cookies every few hours and a pain blocker to help her sleep at night. “[Vets] are in a strange position, and this is all new,” she says. “The best way to gauge your dog is to watch them. With my involvement with my dog, my vet feels comfortable with my decision.”


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