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New Research Shows That Teen Marijuana Use Is Declining

Medical Marijuana Posted Aug 1 2015

One of the biggest arguments ever from marijuana opponents is that legalizing marijuana, and even the discussions of legalizing marijuana, will undoubtedly lead to increased use in minors. Parents who may not have much information on the subject may side with that logic since there has been nothing saying otherwise, and they fear for their children's safety. Since the legalization of medical marijuana around the country, a few different studies have been keeping tabs, and the results are different than many would expect. A 2013 report from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment shows that since marijuana law reform in the state, teen use of marijuana has actually gone down, which agrees with the drug use questionaire of about 500,000 teens resulting in similar data.

Driving the point even further, the study supports the 2013 report from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment finding that high school marijuana use decreased since the Centennial State became the first to legalize marijuana. This data was collected before recreational marijuana sales to adults started, but it demonstrates that medical marijuana laws and openly discussing full legalization did not send the message that it was okay for young people to use it.

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