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War veterans suffering from PTSD are using medical marijuana — Here’s why

Medical Marijuana Posted Aug 2 2015

Veterans who have experienced traumatic events overseas often develop PTSD. Once these soldiers come home, they should be welcomed with whatever can help them adjust back to a normal life, however so many veterans are in a battle in their homeland over the right to use a medicine that works. More and more research is coming out suggesting that marijuana can not only treats PTSD, but possible cure it, yet only 5 of the 23 states with medical marijuana allow PTSD as a qualifying condition. Some states that do allow PTSD patients have specialized products to help replenish the cannabinoids that they no longer produce naturally.

“I suffered for many years not knowing there was plant medicine without side effects. I’m very sensitive to chemicals so when I tried CBD spray it was like I found the missing link that my body/mind needed to achieve balance."
“I use Care By Design for PTSD and arthritis and the oil has been beneficial for both. I haven’t taken anxiety meds in months,” said AY from Los Angeles, CA.

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