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Medical pot patients urge Tacoma council to keep marijuana shops open

Medical Marijuana Posted Jan 7 2015

As recreational pot in Washington sees more and more shops opening, the medical side is in danger and fighting to keep doors open. Massachusetts local, Sonia Leyva found refuge in Washington for it's medical marijuana last year for her and her mother. Sonia joined many others at City Council trying to keep medical marijuana available in the state. After hearing from many of those in need of the medicine, Mayor Marilyn Strickland said, “this reinforces that there are patients with legitimate needs.”

Terminal cancer patients, disabled veterans and others with chronic pain and illnesses made their way through the standing-room-only crowd to the lectern. Many said medical marijuana saved their lives and they don’t want to resort to buying it from a drug dealer.

Mayor Marilyn Strickland listened intently to speakers and took notes. The council intends to forward many comments to state legislators, who Strickland said have a responsibility to create clear regulations that cities can enforce and that business owners and patients can follow.

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