Senate Committee Passes Crucial Marijuana Reform

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 22 2015

Since the legalization of marijuana in Washington D.C. it has only been legal to grow your own buds or have them given to you as a gift. An important bill passed a key committee in the Senate this week that would allow the regulation and sale of marijuana, as well as allowing those legal marijuana businesses safe access to banks without consequence. This coming year poses to bring major change to marijuana policy as the presidential election approaches and the new head of the DEA is rumored to be deephmasizing marijuana enforcement. 

The U.S. House voted four times this year to let states set their own marijuana policies (twice on medical marijuana, twice on hemp). Another amendment allowing states to legalize marijuana like alcohol without federal interference failed by only nine votes, a stunning outcome considering it was the first time Congress has ever voted on outright repealing marijuana prohibition.

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