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Delaware's first marijuana dispensary opens

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 28 2015

Last week, over 300 patients lined up outside hours before Delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary opened. The state's medical marijuana bill passed in 2011 but after years of adjusting the rules and regulations patients are finally allowed access to their medicine. Prices in Delaware are so far about $100 cheaper per ounce (about $350 per oz) than neighboring medical marijuana state New Jersey. In a months time, Delaware patients can purchase up to six ounces of marijuana buds. The law allows for buds and concentrates, but not edibles as many other states have chosen to block as well due to issues in proper portion and labeling. The bill allows for three dispensaries in the state, but Governor Markell has announced his plan to only allow one dispensary to open for at least the first year as a pilot program.

On opening day, patients began lining up before 7 a.m., though the dispensary did not open until 10:30, Hyland said. "Having that many people wait in line sort of breaks my heart a little bit because we're not talking about a healthy population," he said, adding that some arrived in wheelchairs.

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