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Streamlined Regulations May Clear Path For More Marijuana Research, Even On Love Potion Number 420

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 28 2015

You may have heard that recently a major hurdle for non-federal marijuana research has been lifted, allowing private companies to have easier access to perform further research on the possibilities of the drug. Already companies are planning out research to do whats never been done before, like one company, PotBotics, who is trying to "create a reference database matching neurological illnesses with their appropriate medicinal cannabanoids at the molecular level." Another company is planning cannabis concentrates that would focus on things like menstrual symptoms, and libido enhancement. The possibilities are endless once the research is more available, allowing companies to design specified cannabis products. 

NIDA wasn’t set up to provide marijuana for medicinal research and so far hasn’t been able to supply everything researchers need, according to Burge. In an attempt to increase marijuana availability, his organization will soon be applying to the Drug Enforcement Agency to open an alternative farm for privately funded researchers. “We’ve been turned down before, but hope this signal from President Obama will change things,” he said.

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