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Bill would allow marijuana oils for Del. kids with seizures

Medical Marijuana Posted May 12 2015

Next month, Delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary will open it's doors for adults over 18 with a medical card. This is a huge step in helping patients who can benefit from the miracle drug, but current laws leave children out of the equation. Many states have adapted their medical marijuana programs to include children with epilepsy as marijuana oil has proven itself to be a major asset to them living a normal childhood. Though countless children have benefited from the drug, some legislators are awaiting scientific research to form their oppinion. Current research is expected to release Feb. 2016.

"We can't tell parents of a child that we're allowing medicinal marijuana for adults, and not for children anymore," Lopez said in an interview. "That's the real concern, which is why we want to make the change and move forward."

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