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Dopey policy? Israel’s top cop calls for marijuana possession rethink

Medical Marijuana Posted May 13 2015

The police chief of Isreal is calling on legislators and police to move on from traditional views on recreational marijuana into a more accepting policy. Currently in Isreal, over 21,000 people use medical marijuana, though recreational use is still illegal. Plans to decriminalize the drug are on the way, and overall the public view is much more accepting of the drug. Now that it has become more common, everyone is seeing that marijuana users are normal everyday, non-violent citizens.

“During our conversation, we reached an outline that will allow recreational use of cannabis to be decriminalized, as long as consumers remain law-abiding citizens,” Knesset member Yinon Magal said.

Another MP, Tamar Zandberg of Meretz, supported the potential move to legalize the substance, saying that “it is time for major change in regards to cannabis.”

“The public has progressed and understands marijuana consumers are normal citizens who do not harm anyone, and there is no reason to persecute and incriminate them,” Zandberg added.

“It is now time for elected officials to advance and overhaul legislation,” she concluded.

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