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Medical marijuana to battle black market for customers in Illinois

Medical Marijuana Posted May 22 2015

A major concern for legislators and and marijuana investors alike, is wondering why would citizens buy marijuana from a dispensary if they can get it cheaper from the black market. As Illinois approaches their first sale later this year, they are trying to work through all the kinks that other states have struggled with. "Most Americans prefer to buy marijuana from legal sources" says the president of Marijuana Business Media, and with the efforts many dispensaries are taking to be knowledgeable, clean, and have non-aggressive sales styles, the black market of marijuana will surely have no chance.

There may be a menu of strains, he said, with different potencies and balances of CBD, the component said to give marijuana its medicinal properties, and THC, the psychoactive ingredient that makes people feel high.

"Is this going to put me on the couch, or help me clean the house?" Aaron Varney, co-director of Dockside Cannabis in Washington state, said in paraphrasing what a customer might want to know.

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