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Medical marijuana's sky-high price in New Jersey

Medical Marijuana Posted May 15 2015

As marijuana becomes legal in states allover the US, prices have been driven down below the black market thus defeating most illegal sales. Some states are not so lucky though, and even with a state legal medical marijuana program, New Jersey has some of the highest bud prices in the country. Some are reporting purchasing an ounce for over $500, which leaves many to resort to black market sales, or not receive their medicine at all. Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, opposes of legal marijuana of any kind, and is doing his part in holding back the program for patients in need. 

Christie, a potential Republican presidential candidate, has recently vowed that if elected he would crack down on states that legalize pot. That's because the former U.S. Attorney for the District of N.J. considers cannabis to be a "gateway" to other illicit drugs, a view that's at odds with what experts in the field say. Christie agreed to allow medical marijuana in New Jersey under conditions that experts say are among the strictest in the country.

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