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First Week Of Oregon Cannabis Sales Blow Other States Out Of The Water

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 6 2015

Now that Oregon's recreational marijuana market is open, sales are even higher than anticipated, and even more than Colorado and Washington. As the third US state with a recreational marijuana market, Oregon sold $11 million in this first week, compared to Colorado's $5 million. A large amout of customers are young people as expected, but the drug is also popular within middle-aged and older folks. The impressive sales for Oregon's first week were tax free and cannabis sales will remain tax free until the new year. 

So where's all that money coming from? Jeff Johnson, the owner of Nectar dispensary, told KGW, "Obviously we're seeing a young crowd but we're also seeing people in their 50s and 60s that would never have bought the product if it wasn't legal."
At Portland's Fresh Buds, the number of customers has exploded, going from just over a dozen to more than a hundred each day. 

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