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Rauner won't add ailments to medical marijuana pilot program

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 7 2015

The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board in Illinois approved a list of ailments to qualify patients for medicinal marijuana, but Governor Rauner's administration rejected several of the conditions including osteoarthritis, migraine, anorexia nervosa, PTSD and more. Gov. Rauner thinks that adding PTSD before the market has begun is a bad idea, but many frustrated veterans have expressed their disappointment for the lack of attention to their needs. 

“In my opinion this is a direct disrespect and disregard to all those who have fought for this country,” said Sandy Champion, whose husband, Jim Champion, is an Illinois veteran who has multiple sclerosis and is a member of the medical cannabis advisory board. “It is because of 9/11 that many of our veterans and civilians are suffering from PTSD. They gave their lives, health and freedom to serve us and today our governor, who is the head of our state, let them down.”

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