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Colorado: Proposals Would Limit THC At 16 Percent For Marijuana Products

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 1 2016

Despite the positive and negative marijuana legislation circulating, some bills have a purpose that is so misinformed that it only wastes lawmaker's time and taxpayer's money. One initiative in Colorado seeks to limit the THC content in cannabis products to 16% which has no logic or science to support such a strong limitation. Currently the average potency for marijuana bud is 17%, while concentrates average a 62% THC level. A severe limit of THC in all cannabis products would hurt patients most as their strong symptons require a stronger medicine. 

As many activists were very quick to point out, alcohol such as Everclear has a much, much higher percentage. One activist pointed out that there is no vitamin C limit in oranges in Colorado, so why would there be one with THC? The fact of the matter is patients would be most hurt by these proposals. The most suffering patients need the strongest medicine, and to take away that option would put a lot of the most suffering patients in very unfair (and non-compassionate) situations.

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