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Federal Reclassification of Marijuana Could Have Major Impact on Medical Uses

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 10 2016

The DEA announced last week that they're debating reclassifying cannabis down to Schedule II with adderal and oxycodone, and removing it from Schedule I with heroin and LSD. If the DEA follows through it will open up the research market to colleges and pharmaceutical companies to delve into the never-before-seen world of cannabis. The FDA has approved two marijuana-based drugs for nerve pain and appetite stimulation, but there are over 60 known cannabinoids that have yet to be properly studied and could prove useful for treating other ailments. The American Medical Association has already given their support for the reclassification in hopes of developing new cannabinoid-based medicine.

Hill pointed out there are around 60 known compounds in marijuana and that many have not been thoroughly studied by researchers looking for medicinal uses. A new classification will mean it will be easier for researchers to obtain licenses to examine these chemicals for medical treatments and to access suppliers, experts said.

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