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Senate passes bill that lets critically ill children get medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Apr 29 2016

Adults in Connecticut have been able to seek medical marijuana as treatment since 2014, but what about the children with debilitating diseases that could benefit from marijuana? It's no mystery that cannabis has positively changed many families lives after they discover it can provide relief to some ailments that no approved drugs can. Some opponents continue to fear sending children the wrong message about using marijuana, but after debating and hearing from parents who have seen first hand that the medical cannabis can ease their children's pain, the bill ultimately passed in the Senate. Now on its way to the Governor's desk, the bill is expected to be signed into law, granting qualified children the access they need.

[Qualifying] conditions include cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, irreversible spinal cord damage and severe epilepsy.

In addition, medical marijuana dispensaries could not provide qualified children any marijuana product that is smoked, vaporized or inhaled

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