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A Columbia professor just nailed the simple reason we need to keep studying marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Aug 19 2016

Marijuana opponents have stated for years how the lack of scientific studies on marijuana is plenty reason to keep it illegal and let prohibition continue to ruin innocent lives. But the more we're learning about marijuana, the more it's clear that thorough research needs to be done. Take it from Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, a chairman at Columbia University's department of psychiatry, who points out with around 400 compounds making up marijuana, we only have limited knowledge on the two main cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Each compound has the potential to effect us in a different way, and it's time to find out what compound can be used for what purpose, medicinal or not. Until we take the time to fully study cannabis and each compound's full potential, we may never understand the drug that has caused so much controversy. 

"In terms of does cannabis hold any therapeutic potential, cannabis contains many constituents. It’s not just THC. And whether these have medicinal properties that can be used, the answer is very likely, and they should be studied,"Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who is the chair of Columbia University's department of psychiatry and serves as the director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, told Business Insider.

"Like many plants, marijuana has many different chemicals. There are specific components of the plant that can be developed for medical interventions," Hurd said.


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