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Can’t pay for your medical marijuana? A new fund might help

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 6 2016

Cannabis regulators in the state of Washington are rolling out a new code of conduct as well as starting a fund to help pay for medical marijuana for those who cannot afford it. Most other medications can come with government or financial aid for patients with need but no way to afford their drugs. Marijuana presents a unique problem due to it's illegal federal status, meaning that type of financial assistance isn't available. The Washington CannaBusiness Association is starting this fund which anyone can donate to, to help the patients who truly need it. WACA hopes to have the fund ready by the spring of next year, where patients will be able to apply at a WACA members' retail location or online.

Patients facing an array of medical conditions can sometimes get assistance for prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and charities.

That support system doesn’t exist for medical marijuana.

“Hopefully we can help fill that void until the federal government changes the status of marijuana nationally,” Christophersen said.

Qualifying patients with an authorization from a medical professional can apply for financial support from the fund. Forms will be available at WACA members’ retail locations and online starting in the first quarter of next year, according to the association

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