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Michigan: New Medical Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect Today

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 19 2016

Since approving medical marijuana in 2008, the state of Michigan has had a rough history with marijuana businesses being raided, but a new law going into effect today will hopefully change that. In addition to the currently legal flower or buds of marijuana, the legislature has added the words 'resin and extract' to the state's medical marijuana bill officially making cannabis concentrates legal. Included as a 'concentrate' are topical oils, tinctures, and edibles, greatly expanding what products will be available for patients. Other changes to the bill would enact a new tax on medical marijuana as well as a seed-to-sale tracking system for cannabis plants similar to other states. 

“In addition to dried leaves and flowers being legal to possess for patients, the legislature has added the words resin and extract, so now concentrated forms of cannabis will be legal in Michigan … and topical oils and ointments, tinctures, which are a liquid that someone might put under their tongue, beverages and edibles.”

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