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Alabama Republican legislators to urge federal government to re-schedule marijuana for medical use

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 2 2016

State legislators who are unfamiliar with marijuana are taking baby steps by only allowing CBD extract instead of a full medical marijuana program, however the CBD medicines can still help a lot of people suffering from seizures and pain. The problem with states taking on medical marijuana too cautiously comes from legalizing a form of the drug, but not allowing patients to access it in any legal way. This is exactly the problem Alabama is facing with CBD oils. State legislator Mike Ball is doing his part to change history and reschedule marijuana down to Schedule II. Despite only having power on the state level, Ball knows that cannabis doesn't deserve it's curren't Schedule I ruling, and moving down to Schedule II next to cocaine would not legalize it at all, but instead make it easier for research to be done and progress medical science into the future.

“There is some medical value in it,” argues Ball, “And we need to take the handcuffs off the medical profession, so that they can research, so that they can study it, so that they can prescribe it.”

It’s not as if moving marijuana to Schedule II is even close to legalization.

“Listen,” says Ball, “Cocaine is Schedule II. Ok? You tell me why marijuana should be Schedule I, if cocaine is Schedule II.”

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