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Utah leaders may ask Congress to reclassify marijuana on national drug schedule

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 16 2016

The Utah Senate has been debating two very different medical marijuana bills, one of which would allow a medical marijuana system that grows and sells cannabis buds, while the other exclusively legalizes cannabidiol. Opposition to the full medical marijuana bill is requesting further research before allowing cannabis buds, but due to federal law and cannabis being a schedule 1 controlled substance, researching marijuana is nearly impossible. State legislators are backing Senate Concurrent Resolution 11 which they hope will bring major changes to future marijuana legislation. Legislators are calling for marijuana to be reclassified to schedule II which would at least allow for much needed and pleaded for research to proceed while still remaining a federally illegal substance. 

The LDS Church also cited the American Medical Association, who have called for more research into the medical effects of Marijuana.

Sen. Shiozawa's resolution to congress addresses the same concern, saying a change for marijuana to 'Schedule Two' would allow for wider research at the University of Utah and the Huntsman Cancer Institute, among other institutions.

Shiozawa presented the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Tuesday morning and no opposition was raised. S.C.R. 11 will now go to the Senate floor for consideration.

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