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California marijuana company beats police raid

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 21 2016

Ever since states started legalizing medical marijuana, the federal illegality of the drug has allowed DEA and police raids to continue with full federal authority. Raids can consist of authorities stealing cash, cars, computers, paperwork, and even marijuana products - ontop of owners or employees being arrested in the very state that legalized the drug. In California last week, a major medical marijuana dispensary, Care By Design, was the victim of a police raid, but public outcry and political connections have made an impact, releasing the owner and officially beating the federally legal police raid. Last week's raid involved 100 officers, and the owner was originally charged with running a 'meth lab-type operation' with a $5 million bail - certainly unjust for a state-legal company who provides medicine for tens of thousands of patients. 

A Care By Design spokesperson stated, “The company will work closely with government officials and law enforcement to swiftly resolve the investigation and address any and all concerns regarding our operations. We maintain our strong commitment to operating with full transparency. Our main focus is resuming operations and providing our thousands of patients with the medicine that they depend on. For some of our patients this is truly a matter of life or death.”

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