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More veterans using marijuana for PTSD

Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 21 2016

Veterans and advocates alike have pleaded allover the country to add PTSD to the state's list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, and in many places they have been heard and answered. While some states decide there is not enough evidence to support it, many PTSD patients have claimed it has saved their lives. As with any drug, cannabis can be abused and there can be negative consequences, and while marijuana may not be the answer for everyone, those who find relief should not be singled out or penalized. As marijuana remains newly implemented into many peoples' medicine list, doctors should be able to access new and accurate research to help decide the best medication for each individual. 

"I went from being an anxious mess to numbing myself with the pills they were giving me," said Mike Whiter, a 39-year-old former Marine who lives in Philadelphia, where marijuana is illegal. "Cannabis helped me get out of the hole I was in. I started to talk to people and get over my social anxiety."

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