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Ohio Ballot Board Certifies Medical Marijuana Initiative; Supporters Prepare To Launch Petition Drive

Medical Marijuana Posted Mar 31 2016

This week in Ohio a new initiative was approved that would establish a medical marijuana system for patients of debilitating illnesses like cancer or epilepsy. Paid petitioners and volunteers alike will be working to gather nearly 306,000 signatures by July to make November's ballot. Many advocates have family who are effected by an illness treatable by cannabis, some are patients themselves. More information on this particular initiative is available here:

 “A lot of our volunteers are family members of patients or patients themselves, so they’re incredibly motivated. The initiative process isn’t easy, but it pales in comparison to undergoing chemotherapy or witnessing your child have seizures on a daily basis.”

“I’m excited to let voters know about this initiative and why it’s so important to me,” said Amanda Candow, a multiple sclerosis patient in Mentor who plans to volunteer for the campaign. “I’m particularly interested in sharing my story with folks who are still skeptical about medical marijuana. My friends and neighbors already know how much this law would help patients like me.”

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