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Illinois Adds Chronic Pain, PTSD to Qualifying Medical Conditions

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 5 2016

Illinois' medical marijuana program has been operating for a short while now and it seems to be doing fairly well while making improvements along the way. As a result, legislators extended the pilot program to atleast to the year 2020. The program is consistently moving forward, but not without a forceful push here and there. A Cook County Judge, Neil Cohen recently ordered for 'post-operation chronic pain' to be added to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, and the Department of Health has 30 days to respond. Only a few months ago Cohen was pushing for PTSD to be added to Illinois' qualifying conditions, and he succeeded.

A new condition has been added to the list of medical marijuana-treated conditions in Illinois. A judge just ordered Post-Operative Chronic Pain to be quickly added to the qualifying conditions. Illinois is one of the few states with a medical marijuana program that doesn’t allow treatment of chronic pain with cannabis


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