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'Microdosing' is the future of marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 17 2016

The legal cannabis industry has pioneered some of the strongest strains of marijuana and marijuana products ever, but the newest trend gaining attention is the low dose edible movement. Also called 'microdosing', the act of eating a minimal portion of cannabis edibles has surfaced as new users and recreational users are mindful of their tolerance. Several companies now have products featuring chocolates, bbq sauce, and even bottled water with 5-10mg of THC that consumers can eat without worry of taking too much. There are no deaths on record associated with ingesting marijuana, however consuming too much cannabis can make the user very uncomfortable. Edibles can take up to 2 hours for the user to feel the effects, which has caused many inexperienced users to eat too much. This has made some wary of cannabis edibles, but many people still prefer the lengthy and healthier buzz that eating marijuana brings.

Knoblich says the trend borrows from the pharmaceutical industry, which has heralded the "minimum effective dose" principle in recent years. It's the idea that patients should consume the smallest dose possible that produces a desired outcome without negative side effects.

"It's that person looking for a glass of wine or beer in the evening [type] experience," Knoblich says. "We're looking for that person who isn't looking to get blasted."

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