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California's former top cop forms marijuana distribution firm in new age of legalization

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 25 2017

The former Attorney General of California will be opening a cannabis concentrate distribution company opening next month selling edibles and concentrates to Los Angeles marijuana shops. The former AG, Bill Lockyer, used to punish people under marijuana's illegality but will now will be contributing to the newly legalized industry. Though he says he does not use cannabis he does think legalization brings many benefts including better consumer benefits and regulation. Hoping to pay for his kids' college tuition, Lockyer is focusing his business soley on the Los Angeles market where 700 stores might open.

“For me as somebody who was on the law enforcement side for so many years, I saw the inadequacies of the effort to regulate something just by calling it illegal,” Lockyer said. “I think legalizing will help stabilize and help legitimize this industry and result in better consumer protection and other public benefits.”

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