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Medical marijuana license applications available online, a week earlier than scheduled

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 7 2017

Michigan's medical marijuana system has faced so much back and forth but the application date for licenses to become growers, processers, testers, secure transporters, and dispensaries is finally at our disposal. The applications weren't supposed to be released until Dec. 15th but Michigan business owners got an early christmas present by having a whole week to fill out the 48 page document early. The two different applications are for businesses that have all the necessary information including the building location and approval from the local community, and those that do not have an approved location yet. Both applications require a $6,000 application fee and licenses are expected to be awarded in the first quarter of 2018.

The department wasn’t supposed to make applications for the five categories of licenses — growers, processers, testers, secure transporters and dispensaries — until Dec. 15.

But the application was posted online Friday, giving those anxious entrepreneurs a week to fill out the 48-page application.

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