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Arizona Medical Marijuana Sales Up 52 Percent From Last Year

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 2 2017

This past election voters in Arizona did not pass their recreational marijuana initiative like many other states, however the state's medical marijuana program is thriving and showing continuous growth. In 2016 Arizona sold 52% more medical marijuana than in 2015, thats over 29 tons of cannabis or over 3 gargabe trucks full! Patients are currently able to be recommended medical marijuana by their doctor for glaucoma, nausea, and post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. The average price of 1oz of medical pot in Arizona is around $300, with sales totaling $281 million in 2016 alone. 

Patients are cleared to use the drug for glaucoma, nausea, and post traumatic stress disorder, but the majority of prescriptions were approved for chronic pain. 

An average price for an ounce of marijuana is about $300, totaling $281 million last year. That is enough money to buy nearly 2,000 of those garbage trucks.

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