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First seeds planted in giant Apollo Beach medical marijuana warehouse

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 26 2017

Florida's Apollo Beach medical marijuana grower planted it's first crop of seeds this week and is expecting it's first harvest within the next 3 months. The giant warehouse can house up to 1,200 plants and is guarded by security and a barbed wire fence. The state is required to inspect the business multiple times before and after the first harvest, before processing can begin. The company, AltMed Florida hopes to have 6 dispensaries open by the end of 2018 starting with the Apollo Beach location. 

“We are actively looking in Pinellas and we feel like we’re fairly close to having a lease on a property there,” said Tipton. “We’re also loo vcking for another location in Hillsborough. We are looking in the Miami-Dade area and then, obviously, Orlando as well.”

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