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Medical marijuana in Texas: What you need to know

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 24 2017

Texas' medical marijuana program will officially begin soon once it's first medical marijuana dispensary opens up in Schulenburg. The location was chosen as an equal distance between San Antonio, Austin and Houston. Patients of any age with intractable epilepsy will qualify to purchase and use the medical cannabis but the product will be limited to strictly low THC and high CBD oils, smoking the plant remains prohibited. Certain hospitals are holding out for an FDA approved drug called Epidiolex that is a CBD extract rather than allow the children in need to use the state regulated CBD medication, but many parents are not willing to wait. The CBD medical marijuana has shown great promise for many in need, though it does not work as well with others, but once the first shop opens parents and patients will be able to make their own choice on if they want to try medical marijuana for the first time.

“Given the choice, I would take the FDA drug and give that to Scarlett every time but that's not an option for everyone right now,” Max Beatty said about his daughter with a severe form of epilepsy. “I just want the other families in Texas who are dealing with what we're dealing with and worse, I want them to have a shot at what we get. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.”

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