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Advocates plan outreach, education for marijuana PTSD treatment

Medical Marijuana Posted Oct 10 2017

Cannabis advocates rejoiced after years of hardwork now that PTSD has been added to Colorado's list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana treatment. The state passed it's medical marijuana law back in 2000 but has not added any conditions since then. Some doctors have taken a turn from traditional medicine in support of new cannabis treatments and have been educating others during discussions and public outreaches. Dr. Sarah Berke was trained in western medicine but now advises patients on specific treatment options like using both THC and CBD together for maximum benefits, as well as "inhale to fall asleep, ingest to stay asleep", and many others including how to control PTSD episodes. 

Cannabis is “clinically proven to extinguish the ‘Intrusive Memories’ that trigger episodes of PTSD,” she said in her presentation. It also helps with anxiety and sleep problems, two other symptoms associated with PTSD. For insomnia, Berke advises, “Inhale to fall asleep, ingest to stay asleep,” suggesting that an edible taken about an hour before bedtime helps to ensure a good night’s rest. In her experience, Dr. Berke has found that a combination of CBD and THC cannabinoids, not just one or the other, works best for pain management.

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