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A gas station with a medical marijuana convenience store just opened in Portland

Medical Marijuana Posted Dec 11 2018

Maine's medical marijuana program takes a step into the futuer as the city of Portland opens the first medical marijuana convenience store and gas station. Patients registered with the state will be able to do a one-stop-shop for their convenience store needs as well as fill up on medical marijuana and gas. Atlantic Farms Gas N' Grass is reportedly the first store of it's kind. The store says they offer a rotating menu of some of the bests cannabis Maine caregivers have to offer. This was a big year for marijuana in Maine as lawmakers added many important amendments to the state's medical marijuana program including allowing caregivers to buy products from eachother, hire employees and open stores.

Medical card carrying customers in Maine can now find marijuana flower, cannabis-infused products, and gas, of course, at Atlantic Farms Gas N’ Grass on Warren Avenue, likely the first business of its kind in Maine, The Portland Press Herald reports.

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