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NBA Players Push League To Allow Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Posted Feb 18 2018

It's no doubt that many professional athletes want to use medical marijuana and have it be accepted by their respective league, but the union representing NBA players is finally having open discussions about a possible policy change and the news is so far good. Cannabis is currently banned in the NBA, along with most other professional sports, but now the players' union is discussing the change with the NBA Commisioner Adam Silver who is open to the policy change. Silver states that his personal view is that the plant should be regulated like any other medication, but he wants to point to the current science behind it as a medication and if it can be effective for player's injuries. While there are already valid and current studies showing medical cannabis use for pain and injuries, the players' union is also involved in an independant study for cannabis. Officials say they're not exactly there yet, but that discussions are moving in the right direction.

“The obvious future is that marijuana will be decriminalized probably throughout the country in short order,” she said. “It is a banned substance in our league right now. If we do go down that road, we have to protect our players from — my words — a crazed attorney general who says he will prosecute violations of the law involving marijuana and he doesn’t care what individual states say. In other words, I don’t want my guys being arrested at airports in possession of a cannabinoid by some Fed.”

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