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Group pushing to get medical marijuana on the 2020 ballot

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 26 2018

In a new initiative out of Mississippi , the group Citizens for Compassionate Care have raised over 86,000 signatures to bring a limited medical marijuana question to the state's ballot. One mother who is advocating for the constitutional amendment says cannabis extract oil is the only thing that has brought her daughter relief from seizures caused by a unique form of epilepsy. She says a previous law that introduced the cannabis extract, otherwise known as CBD oil, did not go far enough, but this new initiative would allow her daughter and hundreds of other patients access to the CBD oil. Despite CBD not containing the psychoactive compound that gets the consumer high, the governor of Mississippi has chosen to publicly oppose the initiative even for those with specific illnesses without other effective treatments. 

"What we're talking about using is the active form of marijuana. Not the part that gives you the high, but the part that can give you other help with chronic pain, epilepsy, all kinds of psychological symptoms...which we do over medicate people in America for, said Hollebeck. "And it's not your grandfather's weed, that's the way to think about it."


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