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Medical Marijuana Clinic Opens in New Haven

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 4 2018

New Haven, Connecticut opened a new medical marijuana clinic this week called CannaHealth located in the heart of the city. The founder of the new clinic, Kebra Smith-Bolden, became the first African American and first woman in Connecticut to be approved for a cannabis license. Medical marijuana was not a new subject to Bolden as her grandmother was a well known local activist, volunteer, and medical marijuana patient. Bolden saw dramatic positive changes in her grandmother's health after using medical marijuana creating a lasting impact that inspired her to help others. Connecticut has 22 conditions that qualify a patient for medical marijuana and this new clinic is staffed with advanced practice nurse practioners to help patients find out the best treatment for them. Also offered by the clinic is further education for medical marijuana as well as therapies.

“Other medical treatments are appetite suppressants or leave patients nauseated; some patients — particularly the elderly — need appetite enhancement to maintain their strength and for added stamina,” Harp said, continuing, “The targeted, specialized, medicinal use of marijuana fits into the treatment picture in these cases, and has proven its value time and again. And now it yields a new business in New Haven, with the prospect for jobs, increased commerce, and improved outcomes.”

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