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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Groups Vow To Take Action In Last-Minute Regulation Changes

Medical Marijuana Posted Jul 5 2018

Oklahoma voters said YES to legalizing medical marijuana in the state earlier last week and now the Oklahoma State Department of Health has made some emergency regulation changes. Officials in medical marijuana advocacy groups say that these changes clearly violate intentions of the law that Oklahomans specifically voted for. Of the changes made, two that are upsetting advocates the most are the banning of selling smokable marijuana products and forcing dispensaries to have a pharmacist on staff at all times. For many patients, smoking cannabis is not only the fastest way to get relief but also the most efficient. Many patients do not have the ability nor the time to wait for consumed cannabis edibles to take effect. Many in support of the new medical marijuana program will be voicing their concerns and fighting these amendments as the program unfolds in the following months.

Jennings said he couldn't eat or drink because of the location of his cancer. He said he would not have been able to take marijuana in its edible form, but he thinks being able to smoke it saved his life.

He said the pain and suffering cancer patients go through can be relieved with medical marijuana, and he strongly opposed the THC limits the regulations placed on products, saying it is not strong enough for cancer patients.

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