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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens In Strip District

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 30 2018

Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program is growing as patients in the Strip District now have access to their own store. CY+ opened in Pittsrburgh last week with a line down the block of eager patients. One patient in line praised the access to medical cannabis as it was helping them get off of methadone after being addicted to harmful opioids. Co-founder of the dispensary Cresco Yeltrah reminded patients that cannabis is "one of the safest elements on earth" and you can physically not fatally overdose with it, while humans can absolutely die from drinking too much water. Owners of CY+ are happy to be providing one of the largest medical cannabis menus in the state and many local business owners are happy to see the medical dispensary in the community. 

This facility is the third dispensary opened in Pittsburgh since medical marijuana became legal in Pennsylvania. The goal is to provide registered patients with appropriate products, educate the community and to get rid of the stigma of the drug.

“One thing people don’t understand is this is probably one of the safest elements on earth known to man. You physically cannot kill yourself with this,” Trent Hartley, co-founder of Cresco Yeltrah, said. “You can even die from drinking too much water.”

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