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Tulsa police officer 'voting YES' on medical marijuana state question cites his law enforcement experience

Medical Marijuana Posted Jun 21 2018

One Oklahoma police officer has drawn a lot of attention after posting online that he was going to support State Question 788 by saying YES to legalizing medical marijuana. Sgt. Marcus Harper says he has been with law enforcement for over 23 years and has never had a negative interaction with someone high on marijuana. While the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police's official stance is to not support legalization, Officer Harper says the position is just politically correct rather than the views of every member. Those opposed to legalization say they're concerned with an increase in drivers who have smoked cannabis, but once again Officer Harper says that law enforcement typically has most of their problems with drivers intoxicated with more severe illicit substances like cocaine, PCP, meth, and even legal drugs like alcohol and prescriptions. Officer Harper's wife, who is a city councel member, has also come out in support of State Question 788.

“In 23 years, 6 months, 8 days, 3 hours, 22 minutes and 28 29 30 … seconds of my law enforcement career, I have never had a negative encounter with someone high on marijuana,” Sgt. Marcus Harper wrote on his personal Facebook page Monday night. “All they want to do is sit down and eat. I’m voting YES on 788.”

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