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Boulder moving to cancel out past marijuana convictions

Medical Marijuana Posted Nov 28 2018

Residents of Boulder, Colorado who have been convicted of possessing under 2 ounces of cannabis may soon be able to have those records sealed in an attempt to stop citizens from being haunted by a previous offense that is no longer a crime. The Boulder Country Distric Attorney's Office found around 4,000 victims of cannabis possession charges that may be able to have them removed. To see if you qualify you can visit a clinic at the county justice center where a local prosecutor can look up your case. Priority will be given to the convictions that are having the most negative impacts on a person's life. Some simple possession convictions can be blocked from getting a job or loans for school and housing. 

“We want to help people whose convictions are having the greatest impact first,” Kupfner said. “It could span everything from jobs to potential housing to educational opportunities. Anytime someone has a conviction, even for marijuana, it still shows up as a conviction.”

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